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Default I generally rely on three things...

Originally Posted by farr1022 View Post
Seemed to have hit a plateau and need some tips on how to bust it. Lost 50lbs and have not lost much of anything in two weeks. What have you guys done to get through a plateau?

I generally rely on three things, increasing my burn, upping my protein intake for 2-3 days while dropping my calories by 100-200. And when I say "upping" I mean to like 40-50%, if you can get it that high. I've been trying to find ways to up my workout without adding more time, so this week I bought a pair of ankle/wrist weights to use during my elliptical workout and I now use the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred as a warm-up instead of my usual stretching. You might also consider changing up your workout, if you've been running, go swimming instead, if you're using weights try yoga. The whole P90X program is based on the idea of muscle confusion, so throw something at your muscles they aren't used to and see if that doesn't make the dial move a little.
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