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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Even thin people can have clogged arteries. I am not saying this to be rude. But you should limit the fast food lunches.
I agree with the sexy April on this.

I am a thin guy who has always had issues with gaining weight. Currently I am at my best: 138-142lbs (I fluctuate) and my ideal goal is 150. I am a bit shorter than you at 5'6" and older 25.

With that said, I can imagine that you would be quite skinny with the stats you provided. I use the word skinny because that is how I saw myself before - I was skinny. I remember when I was trying to break 125mark (I was in junior high) and it took me well into mid-high school to gain 5lbs. I ate anything I wanted without gaining an ounce. The metabolism is high. This could be your case too. My co-worker (early 30's & taller) is skinny and he eats anything.

The point that I am trying to make here is that you can eat and eat and eat. Yes you may gain weight, especially if you stop exercising, but it won't be the weight that you or your body will like. Just because a scale reads the weight you "should" be at, remember, that won't mean that you are healthy.

While I read your post I noticed one trend: you take extremes.

A good exercise does not equal not being able to move for 2 days. I recommend reevaluating your workout regimen, add A LOT of protein, rest your body, chose free weights vs machines, go for high weights/low reps, use multi-joint movements to work your entire body, etc. Muscle will weigh more than actual fat. Increasing your muscles should be your goal. Protein will help those muscles recover along with proper rest. If you lack sleep, your body will suffer. Focus yourself on muscle gain vs actual weight gain. Your body will look stronger and you should be able to gain that weight.

Nutrition is also important. Meals like Wendy's and Arbys won't provide you with the proper nutrients your body needs. Your muscles will be hungry so feed them protein. Lean meats is a good source, eggs, egg whites, etc.

Do your research as well. See what will fit with your lifestyle and what you will be happy with. Just do yourself a favor and be smart about it.

Last thing before I end this, remember that I called myself skinny before and now I see myself as thin (I prefer fit). Simply enough: I worked out and ate right. I ran some marathons and although some may think that would cause me to lose weight, I gained some muscle on my legs and abs. I look meatier and that has not been a bad thing.

Good luck!!!
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