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Angry Allergic reaction to running in the cold

OK Coach, this is a tough one for ya. I've already done a thorough search of the internet and the results are sparse at best.

I've been suffering from sneezing attacks and an extreme runny nose AFTER a hard running workout. One time it lasted for 7 hours. And when I say 'runny' I mean like a dripping faucet, clear liquid, for hours, along with uncontrollable sneezing. Then the symptoms subside and go away by the next day. It appears NOBODY has a definitive answer for this, and many suffer the same effects from what I've read in different forums.

As best as anyone can guess, it has something to do with the cold, and an allergic reaction to intense cardio. You see, I've been running/working out just as hard since July and it's only with the temperature below 55 that these post workout attacks occur.

I'm blessed to have no known allergies, and as far as I know I've not developed any to outside sources. I spend HOURS outside, gardening, mowing, hiking, even bike riding. It's only after running, where I'm really pushing myself, that these attacks occur.

So I'm POSITIVE it's 1) related to the cold weather; 2) related to the intensity of running. For some reason, the histamine levels ramp up for people under these conditions.

I've read some suggestions about natural therapies to build up immunity, such as Vitamin C and Echinacea. Since I've been taking them daily (actually I get enough C from my foods but do supplement with Rose Hips now) and have been wearing a Thinsulate hat along with my Asics workout suit, the symptoms have been less severe, almost nill, yet they still persist. Maybe they'll just go away after a few more weeks.

I don't want to take an anti-histamine which is what some people do, and they've reported it works, but this is just masking the problem, not fixing it. With natural remedies such as those I've described, I hope to fix the problem. There are others that I'm going to try as well.

Anyway, this is not so much a question as to "what should I do?" but more of a question like "Have you ever heard of this phenomenon before, and if you have, do you know anything else that I can do to help alleviate this suffering?"

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