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Originally Posted by jonjaxmom View Post
I am a 1 yr insulin dependant diabetic who struggles every day with diet. And not because I overeat. People don't realize how hard it is for a diabetic to balance weight loss with working out while eating enough food to prevent those very dangerous low blood sugar episodes. There is a very delicate balance. I find Paula Deen's take on all of this incredibly insulting, and its even more insulting that a drug company would pay her to endorse their product, when she doesnt even advocate a diabetic way of eating. She certainly doesnt speak for me, and I refuse to endorse whatever both groups are selling.
It is nice to read the point of view of someone who is diabetic themselves. Thank you for sharing.

Drugs, ugh....oh how I don't like them. That is a business that can do so much for a community but it focuses on their profit.

I am very happy to read that all of you have taken control of your diets. I find that to be a real success. Many people who go on diets don't understand that they need to control their food vs the food/diet controlling them. Healthy eating shouldn't be just a diet. It is intended to be a life choice. Balance your meals and don't be afraid or shy to treat yourself from time to time just remember the goal: to be healthy and live long!

Congrats to all of you!
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