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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Thanks! I kicked it years ago and surprisingly didn't really lose weight when I stopped drinking it. I switched to Sierra Mist Free and that would be all that I drank all day long. Now that I have stopped that as well and limit myself to one Diet Coke a day and the rest of what I drink is just water and maybe a small glass of 1% milk, that has helped with the losses.

Good for you on looking up the nutrition before going out and buying that Arizona drink.
Thanks. I think the difference for me now is that I can visualize how much food is in how many calories. If I see a food that is really calorie dense like that with what I would consider to be a small serving size and I can visualize a much bigger portion of a different food for the same 'calorie cost', then it helps me to realize what a 'rip off' that drink is.

My substitution for the Arizona teas are the Lifewater 0 calorie lean machines (they may actually have a few calories, but probably not more than about 5). I like the cherimoya punch and the fuji apple pear. I could drink as many of those as I could in a day and not come close to the calories in just one Arizona, and they have vitamins!
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