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WOW! Thanks everyone! I wasn't expecting so many responses in such a short amount of time.

So, I believe the scales are wrong (I use the ones at the gym) because tonight there was a sign saying it was out of order.

As for not feeling like I have gained, I really don't know. I have SO MUCH to lose that 27 pounds will not be seem very readily. I did, however, wear a dress to DD's band concert last night that I have not been able to wear in 2 years!

I am taking it slow over the weekend. There are no classes over the weekend, so I will just be treading water/swimming at my own pace. Tonight I did some of the exercizes we do in class on my own. Ones that do not bother my hip/leg. Mainly ab and arm work. Gotta do something so I do not lose my momentum!

If it is not better after the weekend I am going to call my Dr and make an appointment to see him.

Once again, thank you so much everyone!
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