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What are these two?

"Original No Salt" Na free alternative: Off the chart! 650 mg K and ZERO calories per 1/4 tsp.

Beet Greens: 34.64 mg/cl [1524 mg K; 7 g fib; 9 g cb; 44 cl]

Are beet greens the stalk and leaves above the beets? Do they actually sell those or do you have to buy it with beets? I had been eating swiss chard for potassium but it is hard to keep a constant supply of it as I have to eat a whole bundle a day and sometimes it is too big or small. Do they sell potassium supplements like they do multi vitamins? If so about what % of daily value per capsule? I finally put my multi vitamin into a custom food and the only things I need are vitamin A, potasium and magnesium but that is at 99%. The Vitamin A for my multi vitamin is 70% but Fitday shows it as less, not sure why.
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