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Originally Posted by SailorDoom View Post
I know this is kind of an old thread, but I have to post because I *finally* took a couple of Zumba classes and it is SO FUN! In the past, I have been something of a Zumba doubter. I'd normally rather go lift weights or bike outside. But I recently started graduate school and there's a huge gym with classes and whatnot that I'm not normally exposed to at my small neighborhood gym back home. For the fist week back from winter break, they had free group fitness classes for every one -- so I finally tried Zumba! I'm not a dancer by nature, but I would recommend it to anyone. I've taken it with three different instructors and each definitely has their own style. There is a wide variety of fitness levels and body types in my classes, but everyone seems to have a great time! I am now signed up for a class that does 30 minutes Zumba, 20 minutes cycling and 10 minutes of abs. Such a blast!!

It's an oldie but goodie! And still very active. I'm happy to hear your having such a great time of it.

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