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Default Listen to your body, not your brain

Originally Posted by amylee32 View Post
How many carbs a day are you guys eating? I am SO confused! I thought I had it all figured out, but now I am reading articles that say conflicting amounts. Some articles say absolutely no more than 20-60 a day, some say no more than 100 a day, some say eat as many as you want as long as it is "good carbs". Typically, I eat about 120. I do not eat white bread or rice, don't eat pastries, chocolate, cake, etc. My carbs come mainly from fruit, veggies, and yogurt. (I read an article saying that if you eat 3 yogurts a day, it helps with belly fat. I also eat it for the calcium, which I lack). many carbs a day do you guys eat? How many calories?

This question is a little like asking what are the right hours to sleep. As others have said, it depends on what works for your body. I do best at about 50-30-20 (carb-protein-fat). I went through the experimental phase also and it's my belief that you really can tell when you hit on what works, and what doesn't. But it's important to listen to your body, not your brain, which is going to tell you that you need cupcakes.

The only caveat would be if you have any medical conditions and need to reduce carbs or fat in order to improve triglycerides, cholesterol, etc. In that case, ask your doc.

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