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Default An equation for Macronutrients I found on the O2 forum

Hope this helps

Total Daily Calories = Bodyweight or Lean body mass x 12

• This may need to be dropped to x11 or x10 if no progress after a few weeks
• Obese people can use LBM (lean body mass) instead of BW (body weight). If you want to figure out your LBM, take a look at your BMI. BMI is basically the % of your weight that is fat. Figure out how many pounds that is and subtract it from your BW.
• For a more accurate result, get a fat calliper test, offered at almost any gym.

Macronutrients for a day:
• Protein = 1g per lb LBM/day (4 calories/ gram)

• Protein is important while dieting, especially if you are exercising. You want to maintain your muscle while loosing the fat. If you don’t get enough protein your body will take what it needs from your muscle, reducing your lean body mass, which will lower your metabolism, which in turn will make it even harder to loose weight . . .
• Good choices: chicken & turkey breast, lean cuts of beef, Extra lean ground beef & turkey, tuna, salmon, prawns, egg whites . . . protein bars & powder (but they are expensive)
• Fat = .4-.5g per lb LBM/day (9 calories/ gram)
• yes, you read that right, healthy fats are important for fat loss
• Good choices: fish oil supplements (omega 3), olive oil, natural almonds, avocado . . .
• Carbs = whatever remains to meet your calorie total (4 calories/grams) don’t go much below 100g/day because your brain runs exclusively on carbs, if you go too low you'll get fuzzy, headaches, grumpy, etc.
• Good choices: Whole grains and fresh fruit & veggies. Read labels, and avoid foods containing weird chemicals, added sugars (high fructose corn syrup), and a lot of sodium. High fibre is good
• Highly processes Carbohydrates, the stuff that comes in boxes or bags that have a million unreadable ingredients on the label, should be avoided for the simple fact that they are unhealthy and if you eat them they tend to create cravings for more of the same. They are addictive and nibbles usually turn into bites which turn into eating the whole stinking bag . . . makes it hard to stay on track.
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