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Default 40/30/30

A common goal for carb/protein/fat is 40/30/30. Personally I find that my weight loss is much easier when I keep my protein above 30%. There are lots of old threads in the forums that discuss this. Another recommendation says .75 to 1 gram of protein per pound of LEAN body weight. I try to get my fat from whole foods like eggs, meat, nuts and olive oil and my carbs from complex carbs like oatmeal, whole grains and vegetables. So while I try to keep my protein at 30% I really don't worry about how my carbs and fats fill out the rest of my calorie intake.

While the 40/30/30 ratio is a good starting point it doesn't mean it is the best for you. Your body may react better to a slightly different ratio. My advice is to keep your protein up, maintain your calorie deficit and most of the rest will take care of itself.

Beside the success stories here on Fitday I find the site to have some very inspirational stories. Especially the Transformation of the week archives (complete with pictures) there.

Welcome and good luck on your journey.

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