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Default About 1 g. per lean body weight in order to preserve muscle

I'm aiming for about a 100 grams, which is probably about a gram per pound of lean body weight. I'm trying hard not to lose muscle mass as I lose weight, so that's why I'm keeping my protein that high.

I used to always wonder how people managed to eat that much protein. Then I discovered a couple of very useful things: Frozen, individually vacuum sealed tilapia fillets, and frozen, boneless chicken breast pieces.

I've always hated cooking and dealing with meat/chicken/fish because it's slimy and disgusting, and I tend to forget it in the fridge for too many days before I get around to cooking it. But I found that my grocery store has bags of frozen fish and chicken, and it's real easy to just reach in and grab one.

On my strength training days, I usually poach two tilapia fillets after my workout. That like 40-something grams of protein right there. Other times I'll take out four chicken pieces and defrost them in the microwave while the George Foreman grill heats up. Then I cook them on the grill for a few minutes, and just eat them plain, or dipped in a bit of olive oil. Or I'll cut them up and then stir fry them in a tablespoon of olive oil. Everything is better with olive oil.

I really don't like cooking. My kitchen is microscopic and hard to work in, and I'm constantly being interrupted by my darling children, who won't touch healthy food with a ten-foot pole ("Ewww, it has texture! And smell! Gag! How am I supposed to eat that?!"), so it's rarely worth any kind of effort. So I'm a big fan of quick, one-ingredient foods.

Oh, and tuna. I'll eat a can (4 oz, drained) of tuna with a spoonful of chutney mixed in. You can also mix cottage cheese into it, too. It's not too pretty to look at, but it's good, and has a lot of protein.
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