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Default About 1.5 g. per lean body weight for me, while keeping the fat low

I am 134 lbs and I get 170g - 180g of protein per day. Its not hard to get and my fat is below 20g along with carbs.

I eat lots of lean meats - protein is the staple of my meals.
Chicken Breast
Egg Whites (only)

Thats 7 meals a day at about 25g of protein each meal and Its not all that much food. so thats 4oz of chicken, or 7 egg whites, or 3 oz of turkey, or a protein shake, or 1 cup of cottage cheese (fat free), and three days a week I have 4oz of Beef flank. (on lifting days)

Weigh it out - 4oz is not a whole lot.

oh and my calories are at about 1000 to 1200 a day

My goal - to lean up (lose fat without losing any muscle mass) so I have about 10 lbs of fat to lose.

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