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Default Use the FitDay reports and makeup for a "botched day" over the course of the week

Originally Posted by kytila View Post
I have a new idea and want to know if it is something others do..
I am definitely an emotional eater, and sometimes even just extreme boredom eater, and anytime I mess up, I feel awful, avoid socializing and try to get back on track the next day.
Also, I find that depending on the time of the day I mess up, it could affect the rest of the day (I end up restricting) and most likely lead to another binge the next day.


It's after lunch time, and I'm already at my daily limit. BAD.
Should I have dinner as normal, say 300-400 calories, then for the next four days continue as normal, minus 100 calories per day?

Will this work over all? I know some people track calories weekly not daily, so just curious.


It works much better for me if I try to make up for it over the course of the week as opposed to that day or all the next day. So, if I blow it by 400 or 500 calories or so, it's a lot easier for me to just subtract 100 for the next few days. FitDay has a report that lets you see your nutrition info weekly just as it pops up daily in the food log; that's helpful.

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