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Default "Big Picture" explanation of how FitDay works for 'How many calories should I eat?"

Fitday will calculate how many calories you burn each day. This is also known as your Base Metabolic Rate (BMR). Make sure you fill out the Height, Weight, Age part of your profile. You can also customize the number if you find (like me) that it is inaccurate, but I will explain how to customize after I explain where to see your BMR.

The easiest place to see you BMR is on your ACTIVITY tab. On the last line of your Activities list (even if you haven't added any) is and entry for 'Lifestyle', the next column shows your selected activity level and here is an option to customize your entry. The 4th column under Calories Burned is your BMR.

If you use the WEIGHT GOAL tab and set a Weight Goal FITDAY will calculate the Calorie Deficit needed and show you the amount of calories you can eat to achieve that deficit. (Look at the Calorie Restriction and Calorie Balance tabs under your Weight Goal).

The Weight Goal tool also makes it easy to see if your goal is reasonable. If your time frame is too short the calorie deficit will be too high and the amount of calories to consume unreasonably low.

Customizing your BMR number:

Go to your ACTIVITIES tab, on the last line click the 'Customize' link. This take you to a screen where you can choose between the Mifflin or Harris-Benedict calculations or a Custom BMR Number (this is helpful if you have a BMR from another web-site or trainer you would like to use). Be aware that if you choose the custom number FITDAY will add a varying amount to it based on your activity level selection. So you may need to play with the custom number a little.

Most people find that if they use the Mifflin equation and enter their sleep as an activity it is very close to reality. (Some don't add sleep and are fine).

Hope this helps with the 'How much should I eat' questions.

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