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Default Recommended calories seem high? Try adding sleep as an activity

Originally Posted by ashleyjones212 View Post
Okay so I'm a female, 21 years old I'm about 5'3, and weigh 177 however I'm guessing most of the heavy weight is muscle because I look at other woman who are just 160 and my height and look very very overweight, anyways besides the point I am overweight and need to loose! FitDay says 1600 calories a day but I feel that is too much! I just started dieting but have no idea what I'm doing LOL, and tips on good foods to eat specific brands and such would be really helpful and a estimate on how many calories I should be consuming, also when at the gym I do only weight training (benching,squats etc..)

A lot of the weight loss process is trial and error. I too am short, muscular and overweight, and one thing I've found is that the composition of the calories is as important for weight loss as the actual number of calories. I can actually eat a few more calories if I keep my protein intake above 25%, especially if I consume a good amount of protein after a workout when my body can use it effectively.

Another thing I would suggest is that you add cardio to your workout schedule. Lifting weights is all fine, well and good, but it flat out doesn't burn calories like a good cardio workout. There are some really good workout videos that bring up the heart rate doing calisthenics, so if running or swimming isn't your thing you might try that.

Also given your height and weight I agree that 1,600 calories might be on the high side for weight loss, but it won't hurt to try it. If not you might add "sleeping" to your activities and see where that lands your intake. Many of us find that it corrects the deficit equation and makes the calculations more accurate.
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