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Originally Posted by Actively_Funny View Post
I'm not much about celebrity news but I heard this on the radio today that I found interesting:

Paula Deen (a celebrity chef known for her unhealthy cooking) was diagnosed with diabetes. From the little that I gathered, people have asked her if she will change her ways of cooking to something more healthier - especially since she is an influence to many of her fans/audience. Her answer: no.

Her reasoning is, and I am summarizing this, that her show and her recipes are not the problem but the problem is people's lack of portion control. That many don't know or have the will power to cut down their portion sizes.

Personally, I agree with her (to an extent). This is the entire debate about McDonald's making people obese. I think that in the end it is our responsibility of what goes into our mouths (he he he ) or not.

What do you think?

BTW: I am not sure if this is the right area to post this tread. I figure it discusses nutrition.
I'll try this again, I had a great reply made and something happened when I pushed Submit reply...

It is all about portion control. Our plates have gotten bigger, even our silverware has gotten bigger. Remember when a BIG GULP was a HUGE AMOUNT soda? a "Whopper" is supposed to be just that... a WHOPPER of a sandwich. Webster's defines Whopper as "something unusually large or otherwise extreme of its kind." We define it as "Lunch" along with fries or a nice "healthy" salad... and a drink. No one is to blame but your hands and your mouth and your silly, silly brain for tricking you into thinking... "this is normal".

I've lost 20% of my weight by simple portion control. I have not deprived myself of anything.
Weight loss of 52 pounds
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