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If what she is saying with that is that she herself also has no portion control then I do agree with her. I have so far lost my weight while still eating things that may not be truely the most nutritious. Last night I had a slice of boston creme pie. Did I eat a 1/4 of the cake like before? Nope, I had a small slice and was very satisfied with what I had. My hubby is making a hamburger helper tonight with broccoli as a side dish. I will load up on broccoli and have a little of the pasta. Not an ideal "dieters" meal but it works for us. I can't completely cut out all of the foods that I adore. If I did that, one day I would just go hog wild and it would be all over but the finger licking!

People look for reason to sue anybody over anything now. I think it is ridiculous. I think that every person within reason is responsible for their own well being. You honestly can't sue McDonald's because they are making you fat. You choose to go eat there and they have other options too.

****Side note...another reason not to eat at McDonald's....I heard on the radio that a lady was propositioning people in the drive-thru to buy her McNuggets and she would do 'favors' for them! Cheapest prostitute ever!!!
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