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First off, you spent 9 months putting on the baby weight. Expect it to take as long to get off. Sudden losses will be gained back, because that lifestyle isn't sustainable. Walking is excellent for your health, and the weather is getting nicer so you can take the baby with you. The one thing that has worked for me better than anything is religiously tracking what I eat. That includes sharing snacks with the kids or finishing those last few Goldfish they leave on the plate. I also measure everything! Either with a measuring cup or a food scale, I picked one up really cheap at Target. Just seeing in black and white what different foods cost you calorie-wise leads to better choices. If your calories in is less than your calories out, you'll lose weight. But-you have to eat! If you cut back too far, you'll go into starvation metabolism and the weight won't go anywhere. I have not found any miracle appetite suppresants-if someoene else has, please speak up!! lol

If you're able to, strength training will help you out tremendously. Vary your workouts, or vary your walking speed. Most of all, don't give up! You will be frustrated at times, and it never ever goes as fast as we want it to. If you have a bad day, don't chuck it all out the window, just start again the next day. Change is hard, but it is doable. Good luck and hope to see you often.
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