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Originally Posted by FrankCPF View Post
I take all the small victories I can get. Saturday evening I went to dinner with friends and my one and only, they wanted to seat us in a booth. For me that hasnt been an option for years,I simply didnt fit or was wedged in so tight I couldnt possibly enjoy myself. I resisted at first,but there was a large table of rowdys and the 4 of us wanted to be able to talk without screaming,so I said OK lets give it a shot. I expected to have to be reseated immediately upon trying,but to my surprise I fit. And comfortably!! Now I could never have done that 6months ago, not a chance! A small victory. Today I had to grocery shop and for some reason Im craving something. There are some things I just cant get as I dont have the willpower to not eat the entire bag/box or can. I resisted the Doritos, I resisted the $1 a carton chocolate milk(though of all I suppose that coulda been the best of a bad lot),I resisted the other potatoe chips and even rice cakes(I know a few aint bad but these have 12 so why tempt fate). In the end I got nothing that I might binge on, a small victory, I must feel good about. Fresh fruit of some sort will be my reward. The walk to and from the grocery store would have been in vain otherwise. What will tomorrows small victory be?
Frank, those booths are pretty comfy, eh? I don't know how many times in the past waitresses would try to stuff me into a tiny booth--HELLO!

Congrats on avoiding the goodies! I'm almost two years sweets-free and it does get easier. The bad news is that I was REALLY bad at camp this weekend--but, I'm right back at it and THAT is a major difference between this time and previous weight loss journies for me.

Keep it up, and keep us posted!

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