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Originally Posted by fullbug03044 View Post
I tend to use a basic protein shake for both pre and post workout meals. It seemed to have worked when I was highly active in my routine last year:

banana–strawberry shake

2 cups of chopped ice
1 cup of water
banana (2 oz, about 1/2 banana)
strawberry (4oz, try frozen)
Vanilla Whey

My post workout recovery drink is basically the same as yours, except I use Green Tea in place of water. But yeah, banana, frozen strawberries, and Vanilla Whey. Sometimes I'll even put a teaspoon of creatine in there, and if I want an added treat I'll add a tablspoon of peanut butter.

I was adding cottage cheese for extra protein but I don't eat enough of it and it goes bad rather quickly, even when only using half of it and freezing the rest.

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