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Wink Anyone losing weight from just walking?

For years I was a huge gym rat, but quit last year after growing bored with my routine. Now, I can't afford a new gym membership even if I wanted to

All I do for exercise now is walking outside. Most places are within a mile from home, so I walk to the store, to the bank, to the get the idea. I feel more accomplished afterward knowing I completed an errand or two while exercising.

However, I'm well aware it's not an impressive calorie burner, unlike the elliptical machine I was addicted to at the gym. It's not even as good as the treadmill because you can't control your incline or "force" yourself to keep a certain pace.

So, I'm really torn on whether this is enough exercise or not. I'm wondering if anyone else is using walking as their sole form of exercise. What has your experience been?
xo. Haylee

My progress

Fall '09: 265 lbs
Highest ever.
After seeing photos in which I didn't even recognize myself I realized:
Now's the time to finally lose the weight for good!
I eased into it by simply making healthier choices for several months.
Jan. 21 '10: 254 lbs
Started counting calories
April 28: 235 lbs
30 lbs lost so far!
Short term goal:
To reach 205 lbs by my July 26th birthday
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