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Wow, the rest of the world has been active while I slept in…Zyxst, you’re impressing me keep moving! And, keep your husband moving!

Pam, treadmill? You? I didn’t know you knew what inside looked like.

Mary, my mother is a big X country skier, I should call and see if she’s gotten out, we got our first snow, and she’s a bit north, in Maine, thanks for reminding me!

Mule, off you go,

JayKay – welcome! That’s a nice mile time!

For me, today was spinning, not my best performance, but I followed it with 25 Crunches on the decline bench, holding a 5 lb weight (the weight is new), then 20 each side obliques with a 10 lb dumbell on a ball and the knee lifts on the captain’s chair. Don’t feel much like working.

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