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Originally Posted by Lizzycritter View Post
I use "ground sirloin" instead of hamburger, it's the leanest ground beef you can get. >95% lean. It is more per lb, but you can use a smaller package because it doesn't lose volume when you cook it. There's no fat to drain off when it's cooked either. I also make beef stew and pot roast with the leanest cuts I can find, and trim off all visible fat. Still more fat than a chicken breast but better than a marbled steak. I hear ostrich is a good lean red meat if you can find it, but unfortunately it's not available near me. I get anemic as well, so if I try to cut red meat out of my diet completey I get really intense cravings for it.

My wife made sirloin burgers the other day. She grilled them on the George Foreman and I have to say, it was pretty nice having something like that. I've not had a hamburger in quite a while.

Now if I can just figure out how to get some french fries (without baking them) lol
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