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I'm 49 years old, 5 foot 5 inches and 208 lbs.

I gained forty pounds when I stopped smoking about 15 years ago and then about four years ago I got sick and was on medication and gained another thirty pounds. For the past two years I have been eating when I am tired, when I am bored, when I am sad or upset, when I am overwhelmed, etc.

I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. My bad cholesterol is extremely high and I want to get it under control by losing the weight. I have been trying to eat healthier for the past four months and my triglycerides are down by half and back in the normal range, which is a good start.

My plan is to use this site to track everything I eat, to start walking each day, and to use this forum for information, inspiration and feedback.

Present weight: 208 lbs (January 16, 2012)
Goal weight: 135 lbs (January 1, 2013)
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