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Originally Posted by kathietaylor View Post
What has been interesting is I was a sugar addict and drank a lot of coke, no diet coke either! I haven`t had one since Dec 31. I wonder if cutting refined sugar out of your diet gets rid of the sugar cravings, because I have really not had much trouble with sugar cravings at all...which has surprised me!

Have you cut out your refined sugars?

I have noticed the same thing. I have a serious coffee habit, and I've been drinking it black, eating whole grain bread, and fruit and I've noticed the same thing. The only time I seem to have a problem is the stereotypical week or so of PMS. I've been saying, I'm really surprised how easy the food part of this is going for me so far. I can definitely tell I'm not getting the crashes I used to a month ago. I'm also cooking all my own foods that I'm not eating raw instead of relying on all the processed diet crap, and I just feel healthier. Its making is really easy to stick to this change. Now, if only I could wean the boyfriend off of Mt. Dew....
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