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Xyzst Welcome. Were about’s in Canada are you? I am on Vancouver Island where it’s freezing today, well freezing for us.

April I am cold to the bone, I am typing this from under my big warm quilt while holding a hot coffee, it was a good hike and we made record time shaved off 5min probably due to how cold we were in the beginning. I also thought that because I am large breasted that self-exams seemed pointless and there is so much talk about whether they are a useful tool in detecting lumps, but I was wrong my Dr says 20% of lumps are found by us! I started doing them monthly back in Oct when Mike was encouraging us to be breast aware and it made me feel less guilty about not having my scheduled mammogram and to my surprise when I felt this lump last week I was positive it was not like the rest and sadly I was right. The good news is that the hospital called and wed morning at 7am I have both mammogram and ultra sound scheduled so hopefully my results will come quickly. The best part of throwing out my clothes when I lost the weight last time was when the weight started coming back on I had no fat clothes to make it ok I had to either buy new clothes or get back on fitday and I am so glad I am back and only regained half of what I may of if I had clothes in the closet to slide back into.

Pam I am sorry you are feeling sick. I am so glad you went to see your Dr about your bp, meds are much better than the alternatives.

Mern My hike was great and cold and I think I need to go soak in a tub.

Lizzie Your Dr would know what’s best for your mammogram schedule they recommend here that over 40 is yearly with family history every two years if no history, under 40 every 3 years. Does it cost to go have one done privately? I really just wish I had gone yearly as I was supposed to because my last one was too long ago to be used as a base so they won’t be able to say its grown this much in a year, but really self-exams and getting our dr’s to also do exams are really important tools we should all be using. Sorry to hear you are sick also, my cold is still hanging on it’s been a long one.

Amy Did you get your mammogram results back.

I made a fantastic squash treat yesterday I just baked it, mashed it up and added cinnamon. I do not eat a lot of winter squash so I am hoping you lovely ladies and mike may have some ideas as to what to do with the 2 I have left.I took chilli out for dinner last night and now its calling my name I guess I should go get a snack before I end up eating my dinner at 2:00. Have a great afternoon.

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