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April. Well done you on lots of levels, loss, work and activity. I know what you mean about throwing out the now too big clothes, in a way it's nice to put something on and feel that it's loose but if it doesn't fit then it doesn't flatter. I also have that little " but what if" voice.

Mern. I made muffins, apple and cinnamon and they are in the freezer ready for breakfasts.
I hope your tests pan out well, my BF is doing well so far with his blood sugars, so we are hopeful he can reduce the insulin and maybe even manage on meds and diet only. He's also down one size already.

I cannot make an appointment fo a mammogram unless I go privately but my general practitioner sends me for one every 3 years now that I am over 50. I also have a smear every 4 years. Of course if I had problems or symptoms I would be checked out immediately.

Today I have awful sinus problems and it is making me feel so miserable, I am about to head to bed with a hot drink and some meds. Will post goals tomorrow, but for info last week was a no loss week which isn't surprising.
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