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Darlene, thanks for your encouragement on my blood sugar test next month. Hope you get that hiring and training manager position. How was your tushy freezing hike?

April, I love that you did all that work this weekend out of motivation to concentrate on working and being with family.

zyxst, hi! Welcome! Water weight is a nuisance, isn't it? Some people weigh daily and others weigh weekly or somewhere in between. Don't let your scale drive you nuts. Don't take your daily numbers too seriously (because of "scale fluctuations") and see how much you weigh NEXT monday. I like your sensible goals.

Pam, I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather. I'm all for meds when they're necessary. We certainly don't want you endangering your health since you aren't able to control your blood pressure without them. My sincere best wishes on that.
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