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Originally Posted by Kay_in_PA View Post
Hey Pam, great to "see" you again. Today I went to the mall and shopped some clearance sales. I bought a couple new pairs of pants because I have so few work clothes that fit. I hadn't wanted to buy anything and thought not having anything fit would motivate me, but instead it just depressed me. So I have pants that fit now, and I reorganized my closet so that the clothes that fit are front and center, but the clothes that will hopefully fit soon are still ready and waiting. I'll get there.
It is probably just me, but having clothes that fit, even if they aren't the size I would like them to be, just seems to help with my self image and self confindence. Both of those seem to be very important in following through with goals and promises made to myself. So I am glad you picked up a few things to tide you over, and I am sure that you will be back to the clothes-in-waiting very soon
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