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Cassie Enjoy your movie day. What are you going to see?

Kim Welcome!

Mike Good job on moving that scale down. Victim of doritos’ maybe you should take some self defense classes,lol.

Mary I hear we have switched weather forecast’s you have sun and + temps I am going on my hike with flurries and -3c (26f)brrr.

April Nice loss for you again. Way to go on getting rid of the old clothes that must feel very liberating. I am so glad you made an appointment that makes airing all my problems in public worth it. I wish I had been more consistent in getting mine done the problem we have is that this week’s mammogram will not tell us a lot as my last one was 5yrs ago because I had a “not me” attitude so I will need a couple this month unless the ultra sound tells them everything they need to know, so please be consistent don’t assume my first one was fine or I will do it later, it will save you a lot of worry if you ever have a problem.

Mern I hope all your reports are good let us know, your sugar may be better then you expect you have been so good since Christmas.You asked me last week about the job I have applied for its a hiring and training manager position for a large retail company and I want it really bad.

Tori My hubby thinks girls with a shape are much hotter than stick women as he refers to them as, your new man probably like your curves that not a bad thing as he like who you really are but it makes losing weight a little trickier but you will figure it out. Do not look at those cute kittens.

Ok I am off to freeze my tosh on my hike.

"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."
Thomas Edison

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