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Joanna, I commend you for being able to say about your restaurant indulging this past weekend "it wasn't awful." Glad you got to visit with your mom.

Cassie, I agree the rest of your reports last week were stellar. Major kudos on that! I hope your headache goes away. I was punished by my carby choices with only feeling so sluggish from the spikes and plummets of my blood sugar. What movie are you going to/did you see?

April, a net loss of 2.2lb.s is "kudoworthy." Also kudoworthy is the burning of a lot of calories cleaning out your closets. Great job on getting rid of all your larger clothes! You are such an inspiration to us as are others here like Amy and Mike (I know I'm missing a bunch of you--sorry--my recall isn't great as I type this) and others who have lost a great deal of weight. OMG you were sooooooo active this weekend. My weekend was totally lazy and I ate like a maniac whatever I wanted. I'm back on track now, though.

Tori, so glad you had a good weekend with CN. We got our dog (deceased years ago after living with us for 14 1/2 years) from an animal shelter. I didn't want a long haired dog, but he picked US--standing on his hind legs against the cage door, wagging his tail, and loudly whimpering "Pick ME, Pick ME, Pick ME!" They pulled the wrong card on us--told us he'd be a small dog when full-grown-- part toy collie and part something else small--BUT he wound up being a 60 lb. part German Shepherd and part Golden Retriever. LOL

My goals are the same as always so y'all will see them in my Monday report tomorrow.

Menu today:

Breakfast skipped--not deliberate--just busy and never got to it.

Lunch: spinach and avocado omelet with roasted red pepper sauce, decaf almond flavored coffee with non-dairy coffee creamer

Dinner: meatloaf, spinach based tossed salad with balsamic vinaigrette, broccoli

Snacks: almonds, flaxmeal, low carb protein shake
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