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I had a good week and weekend. I was down to 272.0 at one point (Thursday maybe) last week but I have ended the week at 274.2lbs. That is a 2.2lb loss from last Monday so I'll take it. I got a ton accomplished this weekend. Saturday I worked out when hubby went to work then took a nap till 7:30AM. Then I cleaned all the closets except for the boys' bedroom ones. They can do their own! I ended up with 2 stuffed full 33 gallon trash bags for donation and half of one to throw away out of my clothes closet of things that are too big or I just no longer wear at all because they have no shape to them for me now. I kept one pair of jeans, a shirt and a sweatshirt from my bigger days. I had days bigger than that but dont' have those elastic waisted pants any more and they were from years back when I was actually over 350lbs. Then on Sunday I stayed up when hubby went to work at 5am and since the boys went for sleepovers at their gram's and aunt's houses I was able to sneak in my oldest's room and hang him a new wallpaper border instead of the dinosaurs playing that were in there. Now he has a cool hockey wall border. In order to do the work I had to take the mattresses and plywood sheet out of his bunkbeds and retrieve the ladder from the garage behind all the four wheelers. Then put it all back to see if he would notice on his own.....which he didn't BTW!! I folded laundry then took a nap. Got up from the nap and ran to the grocery store (after doing my hair of course) and then home to clean all the bathrooms and dust & vaccum the whole house.

Just too many carbs with pasta and bread for two meals this weekend is what put me back up those 2.2lbs so I know it's water weight mostly.

Health / Fitness Goals...
1. 100oz water daily
2. One diet soda limit
3. No added salt to plate
4. Walk on lunch 3 times
5. Exercise in morning 3 times
6. Listen to body when full
7. Weigh and post daily M: 274.2lbs,

Life Goals...
1. Keep hands busy in evening
2. Make yearly GYN appt M: DONE! It's on 02.27.12 at 3:15pm
3. Don't cause panic until I have facts

Darlene ... You inspired me to make my appt. I put it off and it has been about 2 yrs since I have been to the GYN. She and I discussed before that I should probably start having mammograms done at 35 yrs old and I will be 35 in May so no better time to get going on that than now. I am very sorry for your news. I can't imagine how scary that is and I hope for you that you are not in the top 15% either. That is a great way to look at it. I love your attitude change that took place last week.

Mike ... I read through last week's posts and hope that this week finds you and GF in a better place.

Kim ... You did fine with your goals. I can remember all too well finishing the kids' food. They are 14months apart and many chicken fingers and french fries were eaten. Welcome to the group!

Cassie ... I think those books sound wonderful and I may have to look them up.
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