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Sorry I forgot to include my name in my intro, I'm Diane. I am mainly doing exercise videos that I find on my cable's on demand channel. My claim to shame is that I do actually own some Richard Simmons videos, but he irritates the piss out of me, so I either spend the workout cussing at him, or deciding I can't deal with him that day so I don't. I know its probably kind of buying into the show, but I really do enjoy The Biggest Loser workouts that I've tried so far. For being just twenty minute snippets of the whole video, they are intense! I mentioned in another post that Bob destroyed my legs and for about two days I was waddleing around the apartment! I know I'm going to hear that its not really exercise, but today was laundry day. We live on the third floor, the machines are in the basement, and it was four trips up and down the stairs, most of them with a full laundry basket, so I'm about done for the day! I can reall feel it in my shoulders, since my basket is one of the tall ones, and I have to hold it up so it clears the steps.

Ultimately I'd like to join the all women's gym down the street. I'd like access to the elipitical machines, it would make it easier to get more effective cardio, since my right ankle has arthritis due to an injury a few years ago. I don't really use that as a crutch or an excuse, but if I have the opportunity to be a little nicer to it I'll take it. Its also very reasonably priced at around fifteen dollars a month.

I used to walk with a couple of friends, we made it about a year, and I think by the time we broke up we were walking a little over three miles every day. I'd like to get back into something like that, I just need to find some folks that are actually interested in doing it. My best friend has two kids and lives almost fourty minutes away, and the other one of the three of us besides myself that was there literally every week day, rain, shine, cold or heat, lives a couple of counties over now. I miss spending the time with them too. Which is another reason I want to join the gym, I'm hoping I can find a work out buddy to meet up with at least some of the time I'm in there. I do much better when I have someone to talk to and break up the monotony.

Tomorrow is my measurement day, so I'll update you on how it goes! It adds some much needed accountability and, hopefully!, motivation.

Are you finding that you're balancing your nutritional needs all right? I'm surprised at how easy it actually is to get a pretty balanced diet day to day. I'm very facinated with this topic. To the point where I'm kind of considering going back to school and maybe getting a degree in nutrition. Its really neat to see just what food can do for you and knowing that you don't HAVE to go out and buy vitamins. I'm also really getting into eating non-processed foods and organic when we have the money for it. It makes me happy to not put crap into myself!
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