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Originally Posted by zyxst View Post
Urbanmule - Congrats on the great run, in snowy/cold weather no less.

Finished 30 minutes of free weights on my arms. Man, they hurt bad, but when I did a few whole arm twirls, the pain went bye-bye. I can't get over that I made it through! I also got more walking in than I thought. Today was bimonthly shopping, so I ended up traipsing nearly a half mile through stores.

Well done zyxst! Nice that you figure out a way too get rid of the ache.

Well, back from the conference. I am actually pretty proud that I got 2 really nice workouts in. This isn't something I usually do. I am usually so engrossed in the conference and so tired after sitting all day on my butt trying to absorb all the new info that hitting the gym is the last thing on my agenda. I think the attraction of the spa after the workout really helped motivate me. .

I did do a treadmill run & an elliptical run - which most of you know is really rare for me. I have to admit that it was kind of fun. Since it was mostly a warm up for weights I didn't really challenge myself, but the elliptical runner, particularly, was a good aerobic workout.

I am trying to convince myself to head out for a 6 or 7 mile run. I really need to stretch the legs and keep the fitness up for a race in a few weeks, but I think I might be losing the battle
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