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I have not tried any thing to crazy so not too may dislikes:


sugar snap peas
plain fat free greek yogurt, (call me crazy I know it's pretty sour)
chicken, chicken and more chicken
mustard (I've always loved it, but using it more now since it's very low cal)
raw spinach, just to nosh on, no dressing, really fills me up
spinach and lettuce in hot water with a lot of salt and pepper, kind of a soup
Berries from local warehouse/membership store, a lot cheaper then regular store and I don't feel like I have to ration them
Half as much peanut butter, salad dressing, or cream cheese as I used to use before, still get the tast without all the calories.


stevia (i'm not really that into sweets anyway)
cheese by itself as a snack (I like the taste but it doesn't fill me up enough to justify the calories)
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