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I'm kind of down on a lot of new..."better eating foods".Many are made up...out of who knows what? & have a dreadful taste/texture. Maybe it's just my taste tho.

Have came back to eating more & more of real foods,just less of them.I divide a regular cake mix in half & "frost" with Cool Whip.Baking sweet potatoes & using lots of cauliflower.Making soup with every veggie in home made broth.

Turnips are a new find,use diced in soup or like a boiled potato.Egg white omelet using one yolk & several whites with whatever veggies I've stir fried first.Good hummus,different teas,a tsp of olive oil with a couple splashes of rice vinegar on salad,sticking with healthy foods when we eat out.

Nothing earth shaking, but I'm a work in process & slowly,slowly for me.

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