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welcome new exercisers!

Dear abby I was wondering how you keep the camelback clean, is it just rinsing after use or do you need to clean it more thoroughly?

Yesterday I had an hour bikeride, not too uptempo, but every hill I encountered I pushed harder.

Today I'll be in the car all day with my bf and tomorrow is another run planned.
14 lbs down, 22 to go

Female 37 yrs 5 ft 7
Start weight 9th December 2011: 190 lbs
Current weight 2nd March 2012: 176 lbs
Inches lost around waist: 3
Goal: 154 lbs by 1st of January 2013
How: Portion control, shun liquid calories, snacks and junk food, running 3 times a week
Why: I want to get in better shape physically and mentally
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