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Zyxst – I don’t know if the word “lazy” is helpful to call yourself, I say if you were moving those weights, you’re making something happen.

LuciousL – I can’t imagine running a marathon, my one 5K was a great accomplishment, and I’m looking forward to another. In terms of hydrating for running, I got a Camelbak for Christmas (it’s a backpack for water with a tube to drink directly from it) – I’m eager to try as lack of water is what makes me stop.

Last night I met with a personal trainer, I had ‘won’ this session as second place in the “November Exercise Challenge” – pretty sore today, I learned a new move that I don’t think I’ll dare do without a spotter – Bulgarian Lunge with curls (one foot is on the weight bench behind you, you squat on one leg, then, as you are coming up, raise dumbells in a curl). My session finished at 6:30 PM, and I realized, “I’ll be back here in less than 12 hours”.
And I was, killer spinning class, followed by core work.
I’ll undo a lot of my good this week over the weekend (SIL coming into town to watch the Amazing Patriots with DH and me), but I’m feeling good now.

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