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Zyxst how about snow shovelling?

@Urbanmule: I run for a little over a year now. Did a 5K in spring of 2011 (finished somewhere around 35 min), then had a summer long hiatus, and took it up again, to have another hiatus for December of last year.

The past 1.5 weeks I've run (ran?) 8 miles.

So you could say I've started over from scratch again, with a little bit of past running foundation to help me along.

The main goal is to expand towards running further distances more often, instead of faster times.

While I'm not having any aches or pains, I am however prone to developping a nagging headache when I run. (sunglasses help a bit, as does drinking more water, and I think my new supercushioned shoes are also beneficial against this annoying side effect)

I have one very long term goal: running a marathon. In 2014 I turn 40 and I think it would we awesome to start that new decade off with succesfully completing a marathon
14 lbs down, 22 to go

Female 37 yrs 5 ft 7
Start weight 9th December 2011: 190 lbs
Current weight 2nd March 2012: 176 lbs
Inches lost around waist: 3
Goal: 154 lbs by 1st of January 2013
How: Portion control, shun liquid calories, snacks and junk food, running 3 times a week
Why: I want to get in better shape physically and mentally

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