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Default Pixiedust you are my inspiration and I love the site too!

site is great! all the applications work properly and calulate properly, so far no bugs or crazy pay for use features like other sites. I love it!

2nd of all I think the advice is spot on and im in a similar boat need to lose 60 lbs i'm aiming for 6 months but will be happy if I can do it in 12. It's stories like yours that keep me from giving up. I know if i stick to this i can get back to the 120 lbs I used to be 10 years ago.

now 29, 5ft1 and a disgusting 180 lbs. ... all my fat friends are now skinnier than me it's disgusting and depressing. i see pictures of myself at 120 and wonder, how did I let myself get this bad!?!?!! I know it's a lifestyle change, gotta get with it and STICK with it! thank you for the inspirational advice! Pixie please PM me if you want to be my mentor!!!!

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