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I would like to bring to everyone's attention a strange trend happening on the internet - it's called the Melissa effect:

Here's how it works:

A person called Melissa, Melissa79 or Melissafit79 (a 34 year old fitness instructor) has been posting since january this year on a large number of fitness websites: here is a list..

Welcome to healthyweight Homepage: Find it all on (4th feb) (9th feb) (3rd feb) (3rd feb)
lossweight.vsvs (9th feb)

This is the general pattern of events. Melissa will either begin a new thread stating her profession, her fitness tips and finishing off with her personal recommendation to use slimtea from Melissa is generally supported by a person called, Marina, Mika, Milka (a female sounding name starting with M and ending in A). This person will back up the claims made by Melissa. In some cases Milka/Mika will speak first and then Melissa will come in with her fitness tips.

In 2 cases ( and Melissa was challenged by moderators to provide proof of her claims for the benefits of one of the teas she likes to push. In neither case does Melissa provide any defence - she goes away.

In one case Milka/Mika states how the tea helps her "friend" to expel water to manage weight. This is exactly the same claim made by Maldeena (oooh it begins with an M and ends with an A...) on a separate thread here called "I discovered these great teas".

In all cases listed above Melissa and M....A have joined the site within days of one another and posted nothing but pro comments.

On this site Melissafit79 and Maldeena joined the site within days of each other (March 16th and 18th I think) and have posted nothing but comments promoting

Please do everything you can to make these 2 new members feel welcome.
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