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Originally Posted by laughing_man_lee View Post
I am doing modified Atkins. I have trouble controlling hunger at supper time and after. I have great difficulty achieving 40 net carbs, much less 20 and keeping calories under 1800. I should be losing a pound a week.
I would like to have a diet buddy; my post to this effect was moved to a diet buddy thread. I am reposting here. I have had no hits.
Are you on facebook? We have a great Atkins support group there...if you are getting enough protein (based on height) and fat, you should not be feeling hungry. I had trouble with habit-grazing after dinner until I had to start checking my blood sugar two hours after dinner. Now I have few problems not eating after dinner until I check my blood sugar--then I have to wait 8 hours for the fasting check in the morning, so I don't have a late night snack any more. But, it is imperative that you get enough protein and HEALTHY fats in your diet to kill the hunger.

You can find a diet-buddy at the Lo-Carb Fat Camp on facebook. You can also check the fitday page on facebook--you might get a hit there.
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