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Originally Posted by angabre View Post
atkins is not what most people think it is. I eat alot and i'm full. Phase 1 restricts you to only certain vegtables. But these are low carb veggies so you are actually eating alot of them! You can have unlimited meats (within reason) but there isn't much room for alot once you've ate a plate full of veggies. That is only phase one. Phase 2 you gradually add back more veggies, nuts, fruits and more. And slowly up your carbs. The idea is that everyone has a different threshold for carbs so you keep adding until your weight loss stops or slows.
It isn't a quick fix. It is intended to be a way of eating for the rest of your life. But the phase 1 of only 20 carbs is not he way you will be eating from now on. That is only for 2 or so weeks.
You don't need the products. Lots of people don't use them at all. And there are lessons on the site that pretty much tell you how to do it.
for those who need help go to lowcarbfriends .com it helps me also try bellalowcarb
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