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Originally Posted by Smartyz View Post
I've been using FitDay online and FitDayPC without any issues until yesterday. I tried to Sync from FitDayPC and I immediately get an error when FitDayPC is trying to connect to

The error reads: "An error occurred while synchronizing your account". That's all it says. This is the second day I have not been able to sync.

Any idea what might be causing the issue? Could it be an account renewal issue?

I've tried rebooting but that didn't help. I also re-entered my username and password so I know those are correct. I just can't figure out why all of sudden it's not working.

I'm using FitDayPC version
Are you sure your Premium account is still up to date? With no FitDay Premium you won't be able to sync.

These two threads will hopefully solve your issue if indeed your Premium account is up to date:

"error while synchronizing your account" message coming up

I can't get my PC and internet to sync.

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