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Sounds lovely Pam, 9 can see you as a gazelle Ė and love the kitty avatar!

Mary, what are you doing eating at the gym? I know the Y is always having bakesales and special events!

1 fit challenge, Iím sure that bag had no chance.

For me, it was 3.5 miles (the first at 8.34 pace, then down to ten minute miles, I finished with some good elevation increase), overall time, 37 minutes including warm up and cool down. The run was followed by a boot camp class. We began with laps around the basketball court, and I found myself imitating a gazelle thinking of Pam, on the last lap I ran like the wind, it was fun.
But, I canít do the stadium stairs things, up is fine, but I get to scared looking down from the top and have to come down slowly Ė Iím quite afraid of heights.
Have a good day all!
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