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This is one of the hardest questions that I've ever answered but somehow seems very therapeutic.

In high school, I was the smart, 4.0, plain, bookworm that was a little over weight and couldn't buy a date. I was shy and easily intimidated by almost everyone. Outside of my closest friends, I don't think people even noticed me. The only time guys ever called me was to get advice on what to buy their girlfriends. lol I was like everyone's little sister.

Then, something happened in my 20's. Somehow, I liberated myself from the plain-Jane image and reinvented myself and, for the first time, started to really live and have fun.
I lost weight, started working in a trendy clothing boutique where I was forced to talk to complete strangers, went a little blonder, found that I had great business instincts and my confidence went through the roof. I never looked back and never again let others decide who I was.

Now, in my 40's, I am extremely self confident and carry myself proudly. I keep my weight in check (thanks Fit Day) and look 10-15 years younger than the cheerleaders who didn't even know my name in school. In fact, my 16 y/o daughter and I share clothes.

Thanks for posting this question! It felt great to get that off my chest, after all these years. Sorry this is so long and thanks for reading my boring life story. lol


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