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Originally Posted by lusciousL View Post
I have a question to all the more than 3 times a week runners here:

Yesterday I searched for running tips, especially how to go about the whole frequency distance speed thing, and I read that frequency "should" go up first.

Now I run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so yesterday I had a good run but I still feel it in my legs. Should I wait until I don't have that anymore before I start adding a 4th day of running to my regimen?

How did you go about the adding more running days into you system? Just slow short runs but at least get out and run?

Or did you first build up weekly mileage before you added another day?
A little background first:

When I started running I was challenged by a friend to run a Half Marathon, so I started to look at training programs. Almost all of them said you should be able to run at least 10min before you begin. So I slowly built up my walking to running. Before I knew it I was running for 30min straight. I started following a training program from runnersworld which just happened to be a 4-day cycle. So I have always run 4 days a week.

I usually run:

Mon (easy) 10:00-10:30 pace
Wed (alternating speedwork and tempo every other week) Closer to 9:00 pace
Thurs (easy) Same as Mon
Sat (long) 10:30-11:00 pace

I'm running about 22miles a week and that increases by 10% every week. As long as I have a rest day before and after my long day I feel fine. I take a protein shake after any run over 30min long which seems to help a lot.

To answer your questions (or at least give you some advice)

I don't know how long you have been running but aches and pain within the first month or two is normal, maybe even longer... I still get "pain" but its a good feeling pain, almost like stretching, and I don't feel injured so I keep going. You know you're body best so if you feel you need a day or two off take it. As soon as you feel better get back out there!

As I said before I started out running 4 days so I can't really say when or how to add it but just try it one week and see how you feel. I don't think it's a matter of how many days you run but how you run on those days.

I've always heard frequency, distance, speed for marathons and speed, distance, frequency for 5k. It really depends on what you are training for. If you just want to get out there and run then don't worry about speed or distance. Focus on running 4 days a week and your speed and distance will both increase (the fast you can run the farther you can go philosophy)

Are you training for something in particular?
How many miles a week are you running now?
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