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Default Android users should...

I would have never started tracking my health data on Fitday if I had know Fitday was so unresponsive to their customers. The ratio of Andriod to iPhones is 5 to 1. What genius decided to serve ONLY apple users. I have been wating patiently for six months for a plan to serve our droid community... I am getting tired of waiting and am on the verge of going digitally postal.

Should our droid community begin warning other potential fitday customers about fitdays lack of responsiveness? Do we need to get militant?

Fitday - BEWARE! Social networking is a powerful influence... positively and negatively. I urge the droid community to STAND UP and tell Fitday "we are not going to take it anymore"... enough with developing mobile apps for only a small cult of iPhone users.

Viva la revolution!
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