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Originally Posted by amyoosme View Post
First let me say that I tried to post on previous threads that touched on this, but as they had been closed I had to start a new one.

The thing is, I see a hole in the foods availablel; basic, important foods such as steel cut oats. Or what about the juices from a fresh carrot, orange, apple, or celery stalk? I see plenty of canned juices & concentrate, but many of the staples that a person interested in using this site would eat are missing. I mean, it's great that you have big mac info, but I don't eat that crap.
First let me say that threads are closed for Administrative reasons. Since you've got a genuine concern and there aren't many threads that discuss this topic, you've done the right thing by starting a new thread.

As far as the database is concerned, they are currently adding LOTS of new foods. I've seen it myself. And if you put requests in, through the Feedback Forum, they will add that food in. FitDay is very good about this. As far as your "big mac", well some people do eat that, and many have requested that fast foods be added to the database.

Not to discourage you in the least. So why don't you list the foods you'd like to see on this thread. You mentioned steel cut oats.

For juices, if you want the real "apple juice", made on your own with a juicer, it's really not "juice" is it? It's the pulp. Then you can add water to it if you want. So if you want the nutrient value of apple "juice", you can weigh out a raw apple, then use FD's database of [Apple, raw]. Why doesn't FitDay list "apple juice"? Probably because they vary so much, especially with added sugar content. So they'd have to list specific brands in order to be accurate. Even then, the food industry is always changing recipes. But as I mentioned, FD is currently updating their database with new foods, especially name brands.

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